AgraStrip® Lateral Flow Devices

The AgraStrip® test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of commodities within only 6 minutes (including extraction).

The test kits are available in a qualitative or semiquantitative format. While qualitative LFDs can be read visually, semi-quantitative tests are used with the AgraVision™ reader, to provide objective results and secure a consistent results documentation. Results are displayed in semi quantitative ranges (i.e. <0.5% trait, 0.5 – 1.0% trait, 1.0 -5.0% trait, >5% trait).

Efficient high throughput and screening analysis

AgraStrip® Combs have been developed to enable a high throughput and screening analysis.

For high throughput analysis, 8 identical strips are combined to maximize efficiency.

For screening analysis, 4 or 7 different strips are combined on a multi-trait comb with a common extraction procedure. Multi-trait combs are available in quantitative and qualitative formats.

A complete overview can be found below. Click on the item numbers for more information.

TraitChek kits are designed to test bulk grain, single seed, and/or leaf tissue. The kits come complete with strips, microtubes, transfer pipettes (for bulk grain kits), weigh papers (for seed/leaf kits), and leaf stirrers (for seed/leaf kits).

Item No. Product Trait LOD
TraitChek TM 
70000111, 7000011-S3 AgraStrip® RUR-HS Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS 0.125 % in corn, 0.1 % in canola, 0.167 % in alfalfa
70000141, 7000014-S3 AgraStrip® RUR Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS 0.1 % in soy and sugarbeets in 5 min; 0.143 % in soy in 3 min
70000171 AgraStrip® RUR Seed and Leaf CP4 EPSPS qualitative
70000211 AgraStrip® CspB Bulk Seed CspB 0.9 % in corn
70000221 AgraStrip® CspB Seed and Leaf CspB qualitative
70000251 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Bulk Grain Bt-Cry1Ab 0.9 % in corn
70000261 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry1Ab qualitative
70000281 AgraStrip® Cry1F Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry1F qualitative
70000411 AgraStrip® Cry3Bb Bulk Grain Bt-Cry3Bb 0.125 % in corn
70000421 AgraStrip® Cry3Bb Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry3Bb qualitative
70000431, 7000043-S3 AgraStrip® LL Bulk Grain PAT 0.9 % in corn and sugarbeet, 2 % in canola
70000441 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab/LL Bulk Grain Combo Bt-Cry1Ab, PAT 0.9 % in corn
70000451 AgraStrip® LL Seed and Leaf PAT qualitative
70000481 AgraStrip LL Bulk Grain for Rice PAT 0.05 % in LLRice62, 2 % in LLRice61
70000531 AgraStrip® Cry1F Bulk Grain (water extract) Bt-Cry1F 0.9 % in corn
70000541 AgraStrip® Triple Trait Seed and Leaf CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb qualitative
70000551 AgraStrip® Cry34Ab1 Bulk Grain Bt-Cry34Ab1 0.125 % in corn
70000601 AgraStrip® PMI Leaf PMI depends on the trait
70000641 AgraStrip® Triple Trait Seed & Leaf CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (1Ab, 1Ac, 1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb1 depends on the trait
70000701 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Seed and Leaf Cry1Ac qualitative
70000711 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Bulk Grain Cry1Ac 0.9 % in cotton
70000921 AgraStrip® VIP Seed and Leaf VIP3A qualitative
70000931 AgraStrip® VIP Bulk Grain VIP3A 0.33 % in corn
70000941 AgraStrip® Cry2Ab, Seed and Leaf Trait Check Bt-Cry2Ab qualitative
70000971 AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab Bulk Grain eCry3.1Ab 0.25 % in corn
70000981 AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab Seed and Leaf eCry3.1Ab qualitative
70000991 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac-S Bulk Grain Cry1Ac 0.5 % in soy
71200501 AgraStrip® RUR Toasted Meal CP4 EPSPS 0.9% in toasted soy
78060001 AgraStrip® Triple Trait Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb 0.5 % in corn, 0.9 % in corn, 0.5 % in corn
78806112 AgraStrip® Corn Comb w/VIP3A CP4 EPSPS, PAT, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb, Bt-Cry1F, Bt-Cry34Ab1, VIP3A depends on the trait
78806212 AgraStrip® Semi-Quantitative Low-LOD Corn Comb CP4 EPSPS, Cry1A.105, Cry3Bb, Cry1F, PAT, Cry34Ab1, VIP3A depends on the trait
78806222 AgraStrip® Semi-Quantitative Corn Comb Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS, Cry3Bb, Cry1A.105, Cry1F, Cry34Ab1, PAT, and/or VIP3A depends on the trait
78806232 AgraStrip® Soy Comb 2 Traits CP4 EPSPS, PAT depends on the trait

1Number of Tests: 100
2Number of Tests: 20
3Number of Tests: 50