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• 원리:SNAP ELISA(enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)
• SNAP ELISA 기술은 간섭물질에 대한 최소의 영향으로 가장 정확한 결과 산출.
• 측정항목: T4,Cortisol,Bile Acid
• 측정시간: 6~10분
• 검체 : 혈청

제품 사양

Species Canine, feline (bile acids and T4 only), equine (T4 only)
Units U.S., French or S.I. units
Sample Size 25~100 μL
Result Timing 6~15 minutes
Reagent slides Bile acids, T4, cortisol
Calibration CalSNAP™
Technology Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs)
Power Supply Universal power supply
Operating Temperature 19°–27°C and humidity : 30% ~ 85%
software Selectable Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish interfaces
Accessories Calibration device (CalSNAP), 300-μL manual pipettor